Scenes from The Redwoods, a Community of Seniors.

The Redwoods, the Mill Valley nonprofit treasure that has provided nondenominational residence and multi-faceted support for seniors for nearly five decades, is set to celebrate its 50th anniversary with a gala on Saturday, November 5 at 5pm at The Seminary in Strawberry. The fundraising, open to anyone who wants support the event, will include a cocktail reception with live Jazz, a sit-down dinner, brief presentation, music and dancing featuring DJ Seven. 

The evening “will be a joyous celebration honoring the founders, community leaders, supporters, residents, families, friends and team members who did so much over the last 50+ years to make The Redwoods the gem it is today,” says The Redwoods CEO and and Mill Valley Chamber President Hunter Moore. “This year’s fundraising focus will be on completing the final portions of the revitalization of the campus, which will modernize the Redwoods to meet the needs of residents for many years to come.” 

The gala will be preceded a day earlier by the free “Senior Prom” for the residents of The Redwoods on Friday, November 4th and supported by local students and members of the Mill Valley Rotary. “I am super excited,” Bob Canepa says of the return of the event. “My contribution was to bring in students and my fellow Board members thought I was a little crazy, but they turned out to be the magic for the evening.” Canepa says there was an 86-year-old woman who was dancing with one of the students who was about 17 years old.  “They were doing the Charleston and I was amazed at how well this woman could dance. I found out later in that week that she had terminal cancer and … it was kin of her last fling. I was thrilled to be a small part of that.”

While The Redwoods’ gala offers a great opportunity to support a critically important Mill Valley institution, it also provides a great chance for some local luminaries to share their fondness for the organization.

The Redwoods is a huge part of our community.  My grandmother lived there for six years and love The Redwoods.” – Jim Wickham, Mayor of Mill Valley

“The Redwoods is the largest affordable housing development in Mill Valley, so it is a treasure for all of us and an incredibly important resource for our town.” – Urban Carmel, Vice Mayor

“It is a very vital place and extends beyond it’s doors here into the Mill Valley Community.” – Bob Canepa

“My father was a member of the Mill Valley Community Church, which was instrumental in getting The Redwoods built.”  – Don Hunter, Former City Manager

“What I learned when I joined The Redwoods’ Board is that a considerable amount of the housing is for moderate and low income people.  I think that is a factor that not a lot of people in our community know about.” – Claire McAuliffe, Former Board Chair

“It is unique in providing affordable housing for people of moderate means. That is why it was founded.” – John Cutler, Former Board President

“The Redwoods is designed to serve a moderate and low income population in a very high income area and that is hard to do, but they have been doing it well for 50 years.” – Hunter Moore, Chief Executive Officer

“The Redwoods is one place that really has a vibrancy to it. The people tend to be more active, more civic minded, more interested in being part of society.”  – Bob Harmon, Board Member


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