2023-24 Enjoy Mill Valley Guide

Nearly 40,000 copies of our 2023-24 EMV Guide, an annual magazine dedicated to all things Mill Valley, are arriving in mailboxes all over Marin and beyond within the September issue of Marin Magazine. Below you’ll find links to its digital twin.

Cover photo by Bob Hemstock

Editors’ Note:

Though it continues to linger in myriad ways, with each passing day, we’re a bit further removed from the worst of the pandemic. But many of the remnants from those destructive-yet-innovative years remain – and often in a good way.

In recognition of the path we’ve traveled and the road ahead, we’ve selected “connectivity” as the overarching theme of the 2023-24 Enjoy Mill Valley Guide that just arrived on your doorstep and in your inbox.

The Guide’s content emphasizes the bonds we developed, the lessons we learned, and, perhaps most importantly, the patterns we changed.

For many of our residents, the rat race commutes have declined significantly, and more of those residents are spending more time in Mill Valley with their families and friends and engaging more frequently with our amazing restaurants, dynamite boutiques, nonprofit orgs and amazing service businesses.

The pandemic also inspired more collaboration, as businesses all over town appreciated the benefits of locking arms with like-minded neighbors to benefit both, providing cascading positive impacts for everyone involved.

For shop owners, regardless of your industry or where your business is located within the 94941’s five commercial districts, we’ve all got plenty to share with one another – and we’re all stronger for those connections.

The Guide takes a macro view of our connections to each other, to nature, to art, to joy and laughter and to vitality within Mill Valley’s breathtaking beauty, with stories that will entice a broad range of residents and guests to immerse themselves in the amazing bounty that surrounds us.

The incredible cover image from Mill Valley resident Bob Hemstock places you at one of the gateways to our community.

—Jim Welte and Susan Lopes

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