Longtime Tam High art teacher Zachary Gilmour, who is largely responsible for supporting the array of creative artwork from his students that ends up being showcased each year, is showcasing his 13 of his students’ drawing and painting work on the walls of the Mill Valley Chamber’s space at 85 Throckmorton Ave., including a reception on Tuesday, May 7, as part of the Mill Valley Arts Commission’s First Tuesday Artwalk (5:30-7:30pm).
Aside from the First Tuesday Artwalk, the Chamber’s office is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 12-4pm.

The title of the exhibition is “The Tam Staff Portrait Project by Tam High Students of Intermediate Drawing and Painting, Acrylic paintings on stretched canvas.”

For many of these students this is the first time they have done a acrylic portrait or stretched a canvas.

Here’s a list of the participating artists:

Dashiell Berlin-Ferris, Vincenzo Bezerra, Rylan Coleman, Cameron Collman, Coco Dixon, James Herrmann, Will Hess, Zunirah Ishfaq, Stella Jordan, Blaze Kowalski, Casey  Lang, Alora Lucanic, Atticus Moore, Matthew Murphy, Sebastian Russell and Peter Vernali.