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DEI & Housing Headlines

Marin City’s historical legacy detailed in new book
Marin Voice: Community schools offer strategy toward educational equity
Marin nonprofit connects homeowners, renters amid housing squeeze
Marin Voice: San Rafael Chamber supports housing plans for downtown Marin ranks healthiest in state, grapples with equity challenges
Vicki Larson: So many in Marin are hungry, so much food goes to waste
Editorial: Concerns, both broad and focused, surround Marin City development proposal
Marin supervisors reject pleas to halt Marin City housing project
Corte Madera touts success on prior housing quota
Marin County’s housing element rejected by state
PG&E connection delays add to California’s housing woes, advocates say
Marin City couple settle lawsuit alleging racism in appraisal
Marin homeowners seize on split-lot housing law
Housing plan near San Quentin clears environmental study
Golden Gate Village residents to benefit from $2 million fund
Marin public pensions foster equity, UC study finds
Marin City stormwater, lighting projects awarded $2M
Marin’s mandated housing: Much planned, little ‘affordable’ Marin cities risk ‘builder’s remedy’ over housing plan delays
California Voice: The next phase of housing reforms is climate-safe ownership
Editorial: Marin sheriff’s constant assessment of ICE communication makes sense
Marin Voice: Race should never be part of home-financing equation
Marin City allotted $3M from state for recreation center
Marin City protest targets plan for 74-apartment complex
Dan Walters: California faces a housing/wildfire conundrum
San Quentin area affordable housing project moves forward

COVID-19 & Impacts

Wildfires, Health & Climate Change