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Here’s a roundup of recent headlines on vital subjects:

DEI & Housing Headlines

Editorial: Food insecurity is a reality, even in ‘rich’ Marin
IRS data: Marin town among most generous statewide
Larkspur-Corte Madera School District faces bigotry outbreak
Californians’ PG&E bills to rise nearly $400 a year in 2024
Two Marin food bank pantries to close by 2025 due to funding cuts
Spotswood: Marin’s ‘Housing First’ model needs an element of ‘housing now’
Marin allocates $1M toward land trust for housing

Marin County on track to streamline ADUs
Marin City residents file federal suit over housing project
Marin County eyed for unlimited transit pilot program
Marin softens housing development affordability requirements
Marin City health center set to open new building
Marin educational equity project thrives from modest origins
Marin Voice: Mill Valley’s 1 Hamilton would further fair housing commitment
California legislature passes bills removing roadblocks for new housing
Marin Voice: Apparent bias fuels East Mill Valley group’s housing lawsuit against city
Marin Voice: Residents of Marin City continue to be left out of housing discussions
Has Alameda’s new deal hacked the opposition to Bay Area housing construction?
You can earn $100,000 a year in these Bay Area counties and still be ‘low-income’
Marin Voice: Mill Valley needs affordable housing now, wherever it fits
California has 11 of largest housing shortages in US, study says
Editorial: In order for Marin to see how well they work, ADU hurdles must be cleared
Newsom signs off on bills to increase California housing production, bolster tenant protections
Helping San Quentin inmates get an education – and a future
Marin projects allocated $2.53M in state budget
Mill Valley to mandate quake retrofitting for some buildings

Mill Valley developer seeks ‘builder’s remedy’ project in Fairfax
Can Reparations Bring Black Residents Back to San Francisco?
Vicki Larson: Marin wants justice and we want it now
Marin jurisdictions might alter inclusionary zoning housing policies
Mill Valley clears housing element for state review
San Rafael resident appeals 162-apartment ‘mega project’

Wildfires, Health & Climate Change