Mamahuhu, Michelin-starred chef Brandon Jew’s more casual Chinese-American restaurant, plans to open in Mill Valley soon.

When it comes to Mill Valley restaurants, it’s no secret that we’re ridiculously biased, and that we revel in the fact that 94941 eateries, despite being surrounded by far larger cities with acclaimed restaurants, have been punching above their wait for years – even moreso in recent years as our diversity of options has increased.

A recent New York Times‘ report indicates that that trend – more diversified options available in smaller towns and cities outside metropolitan areas – might continue. Though they haven’t yet opened, we’re already seeing the results in the form of renowned spots like Mamahuhu and Mixt planning to open locations in Mill Valley. “The stereotype of the suburbs as homogeneous, white-picket-fence communities is long outdated, and as people move there from cities, they are bringing their appetite for more sophisticated, varied menus,” the Times reported.

According to the Times, from 2010 to 2020, the number of Americans living in suburbs grew by 10.5 percent, per census data. Suburban residents have also become more affluent.

“While this growth predated the pandemic, the past two years and the expansion of work-from-home culture have accelerated the once-gradual shift, Hyojung Lee, an assistant professor of housing and property management at Virginia Tech University, told the Times.

Here’s hoping our foodie culture continues to incubate and attract eateries across a broader landscape of cuisines.

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