MIXT hopes to open in March 2022.

Since Leslie and David Silverglide first created MIXT (previously Mixt Greens), a popular, fast-casual restaurant that specializes in both build-your-own and made-to-order salads, as well as grain bowls and sandwiches sourced from local, organic and sustainable ingredients in 2005, they’ve had their eyes on Mill Valley.

“Pretty much since we started and opened our first location in San Francisco, we’ve wanted to come into Mill Valley, and have been looking there for more than 15 years,” CEO and co-founder Leslie Silverglide says. “We have a very deep passion for health and wellness and environmental sustainability, which is something we share with Mill Valley. That excites us so much. We have a lot in common around eating well, health and wellness and creating community.” 

Why did it take so long? “As a fast casual restaurant, a huge part of our success has been that there has been a large enough population to draw from,” Silverglide says. “We needed a combination of the right location and enough parking to make it work.”

The company has long had its eye on the long-dormant building at the corner of Camino Alto and 590 East Blithedale Ave., the former home of Gira Polli, and a Der Wienerschnitzel and Burger Chef before that. 

MIXT was initially beaten to the punch by La Boulangerie, Pascal Rigo’s slightly renamed, beloved French patisserie that had grown to 23 La Boulange locations when Rigo sold it to Starbucks in 2013 for $100 million. Their project in Mill Valley languished for a variety of reasons and eventually morphed into Apizza, which Rigo debuted in San Francisco a few years ago. Through a neighbor protest to the Planning Commission’s approval of Apizza’s request to remove a few trees in front of the building, and subsequently the extreme uncertainty of the pandemic rollercoaster, Rigo’s group eventually moved on from the project.

The MIXT team had paused its Mill Valley pursuit for a bit. But when a friend forwarded Silverglide a southern Marin moms’ group text thread she was on about how they could get MIXT to open nearby, that kicked things back into high gear. 

“At that point it was just, ‘let’s do this,” Silverglide says.

There’s plenty of heavy lifting ahead to get the building and the logistics ready, Silverglide says, and they are hoping to open by the end of March. There will be outdoor seating on both sides of the building, as well as indoor seating, and online ordering for takeout and delivery.

“We’re trying to create a really nice environment to come and enjoy a meal with us or grab and go,” Silverglide. “We can’t wait.”