Mill Valley’s already bountiful restaurant landscape is about to get an acclaimed addition with the planned opening of Mamahuhu, Michelin-starred chef Brandon Jew’s more casual Chinese-American restaurant and his first move outside of San Francisco, ​according to a City of Mill Valley Zoning Administrator ruling on June 16.

Jew garnered approval last month from the City of Mill Valley for his plans to open Mamahuhu restaurant in the coming months at 173 Throckmorton Ave., the 1,800-square foot former home of another renowned business, Mill Valley natives Justin and Tyler Catalana’s Mill Valley Beerworks, which they opened in 2010 and grew over time to become the Fort Point Beer Company, a Bay Area juggernaut that spans several locations and a 14,000-square-foot production facility in the Presidio.

Jew has built a juggernaut of his own in recent years. His flagship restaurant Mister Jui’s in Chinatown holds one Michelin star and is located in the space that was once occupied by Hang Far Low, once “the city’s grandest restaurant for decades” before it, and Four Seas before that, dating back to the 19th century.

Mamahuhu Mill Valley will offer dine-in, take-out, and delivery food service, building on its success in the Richmond District, serving up steam-table staples like sweet-and-sour chicken, classic mayo tofu and beef and broccoli, along with house sodas and a rotating selection of beer, wine, and ciders, all with a commitment to using high-quality ingredients.

​”Our approach to Chinese-American cuisine promotes healthful eating and also pays homage to the rich history these dishes have in the Bay Area, something we will be proud to share with our neighbors,” the Mamahuhu team wrote in its application.

In their filing, the Mamahuhu team said they’re “very fond of Marin County” and Mill Valley. “We live in San Francisco but are outdoor enthusiasts and have spent countless weekend in the area trudging up Dipsea, biking hills or meeting friends in town. We have great admiration for the serenity of Mill Valley and the community that supports it, and it is our intention to fit in in a way that respects that community while also giving folks some- thing to be excited about.”

The application also said Jew and his team were already taking measures with a mechanical consultant to further decrease any noise the existing operation produces so as to not be a disturbance to nearby residents, a subject that was a continual source of tension for Beerworks in its early years.

The Mamahuhu application successfully requested that two existing conditions of approval for the space be removed: a limit of seven employees working in the space at one time, and a specific ABC license number restriction that is not appropriate to their restaurant service that involves beer and wine but is not a craft micro-brewery. Mamahuhu’s hours will be 11:30am to 8:30pm. 

“Our first location in the Inner Richmond of San Francisco handles 100-150 orders per day,” the Mamahuhu team submitted to city officials. “We anticipate at least a similar level of business. Average stay is around 30-45 minutes. There are two parking spaces available on the property.”


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