Let’s get this out of the way at the outset: if you are a lifelong Mount Tam diehard/know-it-all, knowledgable of every nook and cranny of the brilliance that is the Sleeping Lady, the watershed, trails, campgrounds, incredible hiking and biking and historic foot races, you probably can miss this post.

That said, for the thousands upon thousands of visitors coming to our little stomping ground year-round, longtime Bay Area writer Kelly O’Mara has cranked out an all-encompassing guide to just about all of it for SFGate, from the incredible history, the varying jurisdictions between Muir Woods National Monument and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

It’s the kind of roundup that simply allows you to forward the link the next time a friend comes in from out of town wondering the outdoor-centric must-do’s of our region.

We have no notes.

But we will add: You’re going to need to eat – and there are amazing array of options.

You will also likely pack too light – here are some incredible shops that have got you covered.

Staying over? You’re in good hands. And if you love live music and brilliant cultural breadth and depth, you might want to book an extra night or two.


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