In 2020, the Mill Valley City Council signed off on a $2 million overhaul of downtown sewers, sidewalks, storm drains and streets. The project has been rolled out in phases, including the creation of safer crosswalks and ADA ramp overhauls that required “bulb outs” that seek to narrow the road and shorten the distance pedestrians have to cover to cross the street.

Those will be created at Throckmorton and Madrona (near the former Bootjack Wood Fired and the Throckmorton Theatre); the intersection that spans East Blithedale, Throckmorton and Buena Vista avenues (near Stefano’s Pizza and the Outdoor Art Club) and the intersection of Throckmorton and Corte Madera avenues (at Mill Valley Market).

Some of those bulb-outs were large enough to create significantly more additional outdoor sidewalk space, particularly for the venerable Mill Valley Market at 12 Corte Madera Avenue. The market’s leadership recently placed a welcoming array of outdoor gathering spaces for eating, reading or simply relaxing. Enjoy!

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