Readers of this space know that we are longstanding Tim Ryan enthusiasts, particularly for his unending creativity and community spirit – see here, here and here, to name just a few. But Ryan has devotees in spades. We can count the Marin Independent Journal among them.

“When he’s not brainstorming or working on his next idea, Ryan, a 2023 Milley Award recipient, is the senior director of strategic facility planning at San Rafael City Schools.

Not surprisingly, especially with the ever-amazing Mill Valley Memorial Day Parade on the horizon, Ryan and his array of supporters are back at it again. 

“Thank you for signing up to make flowers for our parade float. Some folks have already started. All are encouraged to make as many flowers that they can. We have people to paint if you just want to cut them out.  
Some are 3-D printing, some paper mache, some metal, some store bought. There are PDF’s in this folder to show you a 6 inch pattern
All ages, all skills. Still wordsmithing the tagline about “Butterfly Effect – Whatever we do affects everything and everyone else, if even in the tiniest way”
Build at home and drop off, or to come to art yard (address to follow) in Homestead Valley for group build / paint for Memorial Day Float.  
If you build at home, deliver flower(s) prior to Saturday, May 6, 2024
Parade is Monday, May 27, 2024 – 10:30 AM. 
We need 200+ flowers:
Rigid (wood, plastic, metal, heavy card board, papier mâché)
Water Resistant
Flat or 3 Dimensional
Color on both sides, if making a flat flower.
Collage, Text, fabric, ceramics
3 inches
4 inches
5 inches
6 inches
Call with any questions
Tim Ryan
98 Janes Street
Mill Valley, CA 94941
(415) 299-3816
Pronouns: he, him, his


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