For the past year, Tam Junction resident Adam Cohen has used his popular Tam Glad website and blog to focus on the wonders of the 94941’s funkiest commercial district, radiating his “head over heels” feelings toward his neighborhood and churning out stories about the likes of Early Bird TacosRed Whale CoffeeTJ’s Gym, Susie Turner’s Green Door Design and kayaker Cyril Derreumaux, among many others.

His latest digest delves into the world of Tam Junction bike hub Xtracycle. The shop’s Steve Zourntos, Joe Loll and Chris Harrison invited Cohen into the shop and test the models in Xtracycle’s inventory.

“Joe and Chris at the shop set me up completely with the right settings and alignment for a great test ride. In addition to my setup, they lent me an additional seat to attach for my 3-year-old daughter to use. I had never ridden a bicycle with a child on it before so I had some trepidation. But, my fears were dispelled quickly only to be replaced by a truly bonding experience riding together. Coincidentally, the Mill Valley Music Festival was occurring on the same weekend I started my demo. We rode the stoker to the festival and I can tell you there’s nothing better than cruising up to Ben Harper on a cargo bike, daughter in tow.”

“I personally think ‘cargo’ is not the best description of what Xtracycle is offering with its products,” Cohen adds. “It really feels more like an experience bike capable of building those memories you search for in your day to day. Grabbing my Xtracycle and heading off to the horse farm at Tennessee Valley for an after dinner adventure or quickly peddling to Sausalito to visit the library on a Saturday afternoon are just some examples of the adventures you can find.”

Tam Glad’s Full Story on Xtracycle is here.

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