In opening her Waldscraft Artisan Bakery at 31 Sunnyside in October 2022, longtime Mill Valley resident Stacey Waldspurger turned her shot-in-the-dark pandemic project in her home kitchen into a thrilling addition to a community that is steeped in love for baked goods.

The result? Mouth-watering smells throughout downtown Mill Valley, along with those of Karen Fong’s Mill Valley Baking Co. at 17 East Blithedale and Le Marais Bakery nearby on Blithedale. Just a few steps from downtown, Madrona Bakery downtown joined the fray in October 2023. 

It was an absolute bounty of deliciousness.

That bounty will continue, but with a shift.

Waldspurger announced this week that she is closing her Waldscraft brick-and-mortar space on Sunnyside. Her last day will be Sunday, Feb. 4. 

But Waldspurger is quick to add that the journey is far from over. “WALDSCRAFT BAKERY IS STILL ALIVE!” she wrote in a note to her customers. “We have our challenges, but are pushing very hard to stay afloat. Our production site in San Rafael is fully functional and with now undivided attention, we are working to on partnerships to keep a presence in Mill Valley and extend our reach throughout Marin. Please continue to find your favorite Waldscraft items at our farmer’s markets… TUESDAY: Strawberry Village Market 10am-2:30pm; SATURDAY: Marin Country Mart in Larkspur; SUNDAY: Marin Civic Center.”

“Please join our email list for weekly updates on our pop-ups, weekly order and pick-up locations, catering and custom orders, and other ways to find us. Visit to join the list!”

“How you can help? Recommend us and follow us! We cater events, meetings, and celebrations of all sizes. Share your ideas and leads. Community has helped us grow from day one and we would love to hear your ideas, thoughts and suggestions to help us stay part of this community,” Waldspurger continued. 

Not surprisingly, the replies to her Instagram post were laden with support and encouragement.

Over the years here at Enjoy Mill Valley, we’ve polled the community on what kind of businesses they’d like to see move into recently vacated spaces. The responses are always illuminating. But through all of our queries and polls over the years, regardless of any other factors, one answer has seemingly always been at the top of the heap: Bakery love runs deep in Mill Valley. 

That love has been unrequited at times over the years, despite its renowned history. Famed baker Chad Roberston and pastry chef Elisabeth Prueitt started here in 1999 with the aforementioned Bay Village Bakery, closing it in early 2002, later going on to massive acclaim with their Tartine bakery. Beth Setrakian’s eponymous bakery at 34 Miller Ave. was widely loved before she relocated to Bolinas, and there was no shortage of buzz when Pascal Rigo unsuccessfully sought to reopen his renowned La Boulangerie here. Same with the brief but incredibly flavorful run of Bootjack Wood Fired in Ged Robertson’s former Small Shed Flatbreads space, which closed in 2014.

But that downturn of deliciousness in Mill Valley wasn’t built to last.


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