With nearly seven decades on of commitment to her community, longtime Mill Valley resident Joan Murray was honored this week by the City Council. 

The depth and breadth of Murray’s commitment spans decades, from ensuring the safety of our children as a Crossing Guard in 1957 to founding Clean Marin in 2014.

Murray has left an indelible mark on our community through her involvement in various initiatives, including the establishment of the Mill Valley Community Center, contributions to Earth Day, leadership roles in the Mill Valley Library, and her unwavering dedication to Parks and Recreation.

Perhaps Murray’s greatest achievement came more than a dozen years ago as Murray built and maintained a coalition of people truly dedicated to addressing the abundance of litter in town.

That project became Clean Mill Valley.

Over the years, Clean Mill Valley has focused intently on its Adopt-a-Spot program, in which they focus on a particular area – a street, a local park or even a CalTrans Park and Ride lot. Residents have surely spotted longtime tireless volunteers removing litter, weeding, and donating the lovely redwood tree at the corner of Tower and East Blithedale. 

“Over the last 4 years, Jill and Joan have worked with me to help fill vacant Adopt-a-Highway sites in her community, and participated in numerous cleanup events in addition to her own adopted sites,” says Michael Jevicky, CalTrans’ District 4 Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator.

The group also stepped beyond the 94941, supporting Earth Day cleanup efforts in Marin City with Performing Stars, Marin Housing Authority and many more.

In recognizing Murray’s amazing impact, Mayor Urban Carmel said, “Mill Valley consistently punches above its weight on the backs of our incredible people volunteers. We have people in this community who are intelligent and passionate and open up their pocket books and it makes a huge difference, from sports and the environment and arts and culture. And it spans every aspect of our community and it is high time that we start to recognize all of the people that make al of this happen,” Carmel said to a rousing applause. 

“Tonight, I’m really happy that we are going to inaugurate a program that we call the Volunteer All-Stars of Mill Valley, and I cannot think of a better person to start this with than Joan Murray,” Carmel added. 


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