Rotating Art on the Plaza.

As we’ve chronicled for the past few years, Mill Valley has continued to have a certified, extended artistic moment.

That moment spans from micro to macro. The former is dominated by seemingly ubiquitous public art in the form of art boxesart benchescelestial sculpturesfree-standing doors in the Depot Plaza to promote racial justice, beautiful, thought-provoking murals of figures like Breonna Taylor and legendary Rep. John Lewis and actor Chadwick Boseman and the 2022 edition of the Arts Commission’s “Knitting Us Together” project.

That success has spanned across Mill Valley and Beyond, and many have long since taken notice, so much so that Marin County officials have unveiled an online database and map of public art that includes more 150 listings and is searchable by city, town and art type.

The impetus for the project came from the 2019 county arts and cultural plan, which seeks to enhance Marin as an arts resource, among other goals, according to the Marin Independent Journal.

Sharon Valentino, chair of the Mill Valley Arts Commission, said several of Mill Valley’s art installations are listed on the map, but more information on works and artists will be added.

“The program is designed to bring the power and delight of art into our everyday experiences of our natural environment through the transformation of ordinary objects, so this new art map is a great tool for us,” she said.

Valentino said the city plans to add the county art map to the city website and the commission’s webpage.

“The art map is a wonderful tool for the public’s appreciation and experience of the wealth of art in Marin, for towns’ promotional efforts and for the schools to use as enrichment and teaching tools,” she said.

Mill Valley’s bounty of creativity continues in November. Don’t miss out!

Here’s a link to the full database.