TAM has unveiled a new Marin Commutes Rewards program designed for anyone who lives or works in Marin. Simply register and begin logging trips on the Ride Amigos platform to earn rewards and incentives for green trips; carpooling, taking transit, walking, biking and even working remotely.  

Tam officials have created a series of gift cards that can be earned in sequence up to $100 per year, and users can earn even more rewards by participating in monthly and annual drawings, with the potential to earn up to $500 in rewards per year. Rewards can be claimed in the form of gift cards redeemable at more than 100 popular stores, according to TAM officials.

How it works:

  1. Registerfor a Marin Commutes Rewards account for a Marin Commutes Rewards account or log into your Marin Commutes Rewards account to your existing account.
  2. Log your green trips.
  3. Get Rewarded!

Earn gift cards by logging eligible trips in the Marin Commutes Rewards web dashboard or on your iOS or Google PlayCommute Tracker app.

Eligible trips include: Transit (e.g. train, bus, shuttle, ferry); Walking; Biking; Carpooling; Vanpooling; Working from home.

Even if you don’t commute to work or school, you can participate in Marin Commutes Rewards. For the purposes of this program, “commute” refers to any trip you need to take to, from, or within Marin County — whether it’s an appointment, errand, volunteer commitment, or another type of trip you take regularly.

The program is launching around the same time as TAM’s new Streets Smarts campaign called “Eyes Up” starting in mid-October. This campaign will focus on dangerous behavior on Marin County roads including speeding, distracted driving from phone use, and will also include bicycle and pedestrian safety messages. Signs and banners will be installed throughout Marin. The Mill Valley Chamber and a host of other organizations will be supporting this campaign via social media, websites, newsletter and email blasts. Materials will be available in Spanish as well.