Since they took over a massive space in the former Glassdoor building at 100 Shoreline Hwy. in 2021 to create Club Evexia, a fitness, health, and wellness business that seeks to serve the broadest swath of people possible, founders Warren Gendel and Scott Raymond have stayed true to their intention to serve the broadest swath of people possible.

They have repeatedly done just that, hosting packed Enjoy Mill Valley After Hours events, hosting a hugely successful Food & Wellness Fair, serving up a grand opening celebration, offering a “curated, half-day wellness escape” for digital members of The Hivery, and much more.

In recent months, another mode of wellness has emerged at Evexia, which has welcomed discussions and therapy groups and helped people navigate life transitions – all remnants from the long tail of the pandemic and the cataclysmic changes that came from it.

“There is a deep deep longing for connection that is the byproduct of the epidemic,” Raymond says. “It was always part of our plan. We’ve seen the power of collective consciousness, and have observed the impact and a real demand from within our community.”

There’s a full circle dynamic happening at Evexia, according to Gendel and Raymond. “They’e coming for physical health and staying for their well being. There’s an emotional and spiritual part of their well being, and it’s deepening the relationships we have built within our community.”

The founders of Evexia have also friendships blossom. “This is next level. This is men getting together and women getting together and forming deep, trusting bonds,” Raymond says. “Our society needs to be healed. Evexia is helping those with the awareness to go seek therapy.

“I had no idea that men could communicate like this,” Raymond says. “This touches a lot of those areas and allows people to get vulnerable – the facilitators that run this are really skilled people. They unlock the candor from people.”

The sessions are open drop-ins for members, and a recent session drew more than 50 people dropping into a session. “It was the best event we ever did,” Raymond says. “We’re bringing the community together to heal.”


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