“I’m so disappointed, my daughter’s bike was vandalized at her school, we were going to pick it up Saturday but our truck broke down, so we locked it and left it there. She was supposed to ride it back home today, I can’t believe this happened.” So wrote a parent of Mill Valley Middle School student on Nextdoor on Monday.

Quoc Phan, one of the owners of Tam Bikes, chimed in quickly, and with clarity: “Arrgh, that happens too often – left overnight means stolen or vandalized,” he wrote. “If they didn’t bend it then it might be repairable for much less than the cost of a new bike. Looks like they popped the rear tire and messed with the chain. Obviously stole the seat post and seat. Maybe bent the derailleur and hanger? If you want to bring it to Tam Bikes, tell them Quoc said he’d look at it. I’m back in tomorrow I’ll give you my estimation of cost or worth of repair. I will make it as painless as possible. Sorry this happened.”

A neighbor chimed win with the reply, “Quoc, you’re a champion!”

We concur.

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