Daniel Lanois’ diptychs and large-scale triptychs, at top, will be on display through November.

An exciting event is on the horizon in October, as renowned musician and record producer Daniel Lanois, best known for his Grammy Award-winning work with U2, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Peter Gabriel and countless others, is set to showcase his first U.S. offering of visual art at Solstice Gallery in Mill Valley on October 14th.
Solstice Gallery is hosting a show of Lanois’ abstract photography, and he will be attending the show. The show runs through November 30.

“Lanois’ stunning imagery transports viewers through time and space into new dimensional realities,” says Solstice Gallery’s Julie Greene. “Taking a cue from nature and often overlooked details of everyday life, Daniel creates stimulating, thought-provoking images that tap into the deeper aspects of man’s relationship with himself and the world around him.”

Digitally mastered on his personal iPhone, Lanois seeks to turn an everyday device into a portal of limitless possibilities. Sensorial, emotional and spiritual in nature, Daniel draws on inspiration from his decades-long musical journey, uniquely expressing a visual representation of his sonic brilliance. 

Arranged into single panels, diptychs and large-scale triptychs, fans and art lovers now have an opportunity to own a rare and highly collectible piece of Daniel Lanois’ legendary vision and talent. 

“I’ve always had an interest in visual art and its connection to music. I often find myself describing music in a visual way in the recording studio. When I’m not making music, I make these art pieces as a way to keep my creativity in tune.”  –Daniel Lanois 

In December, filmmaker Orian Williams comes to the gallery on December 2nd. Williams is known for music biopics like Control about the life of Ian Curtis, singer of the late-1970s English post-punk band Joy Division. Williams’ current film Have You Got it Yet? is a documentary about Syd Barret. We will be showing his black + white photography and screening his film Big Sur.


Solstice Gallery celebrates the multidimensional talent of today’s most prolific artists. We are dedicated to shifting perceptions and clearing space for new avenues of artist expression. Often blurring the line between music and visual art, we aim to create a genuine, memorable and expansive sensorial experience for our clients both online and in our Northern California flagship gallery. 

Solstice Gallery is located at 314 Miller Avenue Mill Valley, CA 94941 

For more information, to schedule an interview or receive images please contact julie@solsticegallery.com or visit www.solsticegallery.com. 

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