Painter Sharon Paster, at bottom right, showcases ‘Wavelengths,’ in which she uses oil pigment sticks almost exclusively. Her work, including ‘Two Scarves, at top left,” which features her mother, will appear throughout October at the MV Chamber at 85 Throckmorton Avenue.

Painter Sharon Paster has long been renowned in the Bay Area for her semi-abstract paintings that largely explore a single theme: the continuous exchange of energy that happens all around us. 

Her latest work, dubbed ‘Wavelengths,’ sees Paster almost exclusively deploying oil pigment sticks, as you see in her work at left, including ‘Two Scarves,’ which features Paster and her mother. Paster’s work will be featured throughout October at the MV Chamber at 85 Throckmorton Avenue.

“Fixed elements contrast with fluid ones in my work, highlighting the relationships  between objects that can be seen, along with the atmosphere that we can only  sense,” Paster says. “My paintings employ the landscape (water, rocks, sky), the inner landscape  (non-representational), and the figure, the latter of which I am showing at the Chamber in October. These figures—like all objects—are both solid and  ethereal, grounded and dissolving at the same time. This is what makes them come  alive for me.”

Paster’s studio is in the Sausalito Industrial Center Building (ICB), where she’s actively involved with the ICB Art Association’s more than 90 members. She co-chairs its board of directors. Many of the ICB studios will be available for touring Saturday, Oct. 15, 11-5pm, for their “Artists at Work” event. It’s open to the public and everyone is welcome at ICB Studios, 480 Gate 5 Rd, Sausalito.

 Paster is also represented by Simon Breitbard Fine Arts, San Francisco; Jules Place Gallery, Boston; Thomas Deans Fine Art, Atlanta; Baisden Gallery, Tampa; and MAC Fine Art, Fort Lauderdale.

Throughout October, Paster is set to show her work on the walls of the Mill Valley Chamber’s space at 85 Throckmorton Ave., including a reception on Tuesday, Oct. 4, as part of the Mill Valley Arts Commission’s First Tuesday Artwalk (5:30-7:30pm).

Aside from the First Tuesday Artwalk, the Chamber’s office is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 12-4pm.



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