Green SantaSanta is Green! 

In celebration of Earth Day on Saturday April 22, Santa is coming out early this season to support our planet and build on the tradition of planting trees. All are invited! We are continuing a tradition that came along when Earth Day started in 1970, and the environmental movement began.

After Christmas is over, Santa usually disappears off center stage and enters his “offset mode,” having his mind set to helping restore our planet and our environment.

This year Santa is feeling a sense of urgency to come out early and plant a call to action in people’s minds, to join him in the tradition, to plant a tree! Why is Santa green? Leading up to the holiday season, Santa is here to share some of his more worldly beliefs by creating space on his agenda for Earth Day.

In doing so, Green Santa will be appearing at the popular Earth Day Marin festival on April 23, 2023, from 1 to 5 pm, at the Mill Valley Community Center, 180 Camino Alto. The event is hosted by Green Change, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmental awareness. Earth Day Marin is a free, family-friendly event that engages thousands of people in creative activities, art, music, talks and booths about climate action.

Green Santa will be planting trees to support our planet. All are invited.

“On Earth day, we do not sing and give gifts to each other under the Christmas tree, but we will be supporting the tradition of planting trees, a tradition that started when the environmental movement began in 1970. 

Join Santa, the reindeer gang and millions of people around the world by planting a tree on Earth Day, April 22 2023! It’ll be Jolly. 

If you are media and interested in attending and interviewing Santa during the Earth Day Event in Golden Gate Park Saturday April 22, or in Mill Valley on Sunday April 23, email