'Made with Love' at Poet and/the Bench

Poet and/the Bench owners Jeffrey Levin and Bonnie Powers at their “Made with Love” mural.

One of the resoundingly uplifting elements of the relentless COVID-19 pandemic has been the love and support we’ve provided one another through all the turbulence. Jeffrey Levin and Bonnie Powers, owners of the five-year-old Poet and/the Bench lifestyle store and jewelry atelier space, have taken the celebration of those vibes to the next level by unveiling their ‘Made with Love’ mural along El Paseo Lane outside their shop at 11 Throckmorton Avenue.

In doing so, they’re seeking to spread a message of universal love. “It’s a magical force, love,” Powers says. “It mesmerizes us, brings us to tears, gives us comfort and other intense emotions. For all the kinds of love everyday, we invite you to celebrate with us as we unveil our first-ever public mural.”

In creating the mural, artist Elizabeth Burrill drew on inspiration from Powers and Levin, particularly “their emphasis on the Northern California environment of our shop; the inclusiveness of identity we express in ensuring all are welcome, feel a sense of belonging and value; and in the most delightful way that ultimately is about being made with love–as is our way!” Powers says.

The duo is launching a pair of contests to celebrate the mural: an Instagram-centric photo contest featuring the mural, with participants getting the chance to win one of three $100 gift certificates to the shop (full details here), as well as a “Made with Love” coloring contest (full details here), with winners chosen in December from one of three age categories (kids up to 10 years old, 11-18-year-olds and those 19 and older). Print out the coloring page here.

Want to pose and post in front of the mural? Check out full details and the trms of use at Poet and/the Bench’s blog post.