Paseo: A California Bistro Chef Sylvain Montassier.

They’ve also debuted Courtyard Jazz on Thursdays, inviting jazz lovers to a rhythm-filled night of delightful tunes and good vibes in Paseo Bistro’s courtyard every Thursday. Music starts between 5-6pm and goes for 2 hours.

In the case of longtime Mill Valley resident Ki Yong Choi, the wait throughout the course of a global pandemic was been interminable at times, but it sure felt good to be the one to re-open one of Mill Valley’s iconic restaurants, and help it thrive once again, he says.

The latest era of the historic venue comes on the heels of the legendary Mill Valley musician Sammy “the Red Rocker” Hagar’s decision to close El Paseo to tend to his myriad business, media and musical interests. Mill Valley resident Ki Yong Choi’s group took over in 2019. Like so many restaurants over the course of the past several years, the group has persevered, innovated and renovated to create right-sized spaces for our modern times.

“We’re proud and humbled by the outpouring of community support,” says Choi, formerly an El Paseo customer. They opened in late 2021, navigated the staffing shortage that just about every restaurant in the U.S. felt, and continue to build toward renaissance for an iconic name in Bay Area foodie circles.

Dinner is served 5-9 pm Tuesday through Sunday. 415.888.3907. 17 Throckmorton Ave.


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