One year ago this week, the world as we know it went sideways, quickly, dramatically and with horrifically cascading impacts that we’re all still digesting 12 months later. In those early days, the community rallied, calling for kindness, supporting an array of GoFundMe campaigns for specific businesses, direct $1,000 cash grants to businesses in need and an innumerable array of efforts to support our neighbors. 

As we eye movement into the less restrictive Orange Tier within the state’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy on March 24th, those that helped galvanize our community in those early days of the pandemic – particularly with the Mill Valley Howl that had families all over town bounding outside to stretch their vocal cords in support of frontline workers – are doing so again.

Hugh Kuhn posted the following to Instagram and Nextdoor this week: “One year ago, we were thrown into a year of hardship, pain, struggle, and general disarray thanks to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We are only now starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. What started as a vocal thank you to healthcare workers, a means to express compassion for those impacted by covid, and a show of community determination grew into a national phenomenon. On Monday March 22 at 8pm, we will howl again to express our gratitude to all frontline workers who have suffered while doing their often thankless jobs. We will howl to say thank you to our community for doing our part to mitigate the virus’ spread. And we will howl to honor those who have perished. Please spread the word. One night. One howl of solidarity.”

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