On the heels of a successful event this week on elder fraud, in which City of Mill Valley and County of Marin officials curated vital discussion on elder fraud, a crucial topic affecting many seniors locally and nationally, the program managers for Sausalito Village and Marin Villages successfully garnered a grant from the county for a five-month project to increase digital literacy in older adults.

The organizations are holding “Free Technology Training for Older Adults,” a three-part training series.

The first of the three part series will cover the “basics,” including accessing websites, apps and Zoom. There will be forty-five minutes of training followed by questions and answer, and 1-to-1 training. This is an opportunity to become comfortable with your computer, phone or tablet and have your questions answered. These trainings are free and open to anyone in Marin County 60 years or older.

The class is being offered both in person and on Zoom.

Group in Person Session: Tuesday, August 29th from 1:00 to 3:00 at the Embassy Suites in San Rafael. Click here to register: https://sausalito.helpfulvillage.com/events/3996

Zoom Session: Wednesday, September 6th from 4:00 to 6:00 on Zoom. Click here to register: https://sausalito.helpfulvillage.com/events/4008