Since his arrival in Mill Valley in 1974, Larry “the Hat” Lautzker, purveyor of hip apparel, producer of an array of live concerts as well as some of the 94941’s most cherished events, including the Mill Valley Memorial Day Parade and the Community Block Party for more than 15 years, has been a force of nature unto himself.

That’s not going to change anytime soon, says the longtime Mill Valley resident and owner of one of the longest standing Fashion Meccas in the Bay Area.

He did close his Famous 4 shop at 96 Throckmorton Ave and, as anyone who knows Lautzker would expect, he went out with a bang.

He also quickly pivoted to a backup plan that saw him open a pop-up shop Friday through Sunday, 10am-6pm at 31 Sunnyside Ave., in the alley behind Kitchen Sunnyside.

“Hi y’all, I hope all is well in your world,” Lautzker says. “As you can see ‘Famous4 lives.’ I still have lotsa cool women’s and men’s clothing I have to blow out, plus new styles. Please come visit me at my new spot.”

“One of the many ironies of life is thinking after someone we know moves on that we should have spent more time with them, showed them more appreciation,” Lautzker adds. “That’s been my experience these last few months after announcing the closing of Famous4 at my current location.”

“Folks come in all the time and share stories and thanks for my exploits in Mill Valley and how much I have meant to them. It leaves me teary eyed and very grateful for my life in this very special place.”


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