A trio of pieces from Jackie Sherman’s “Remnants Of My Soul.”

Artist Jackie Sherman has long worked in a wide array of mediums, including photography, acrylic paint, oil sticks, charcoal, stitches and giclee prints. For her latest show, “Remnants Of My Soul,” which runs through February at the Mill Valley Chamber, Sherman says the works “are a snapshot in time of this lifelong journey. My aim is to expose the power in the vulnerable act of displaying raw, visceral works that show life as it often is: messy, beautiful, scattered, and stitched together piece by piece.”

“As I navigate the world, I observe as processes unfold around and within me,” she continues. “In my work, I capture the remnants of these processes, weaving together their essential elements into a broader story. Each day, I put one foot in front of the other, gathering images, words, and objects that make up my experience. I study their relationship with one another, and examine ways to breathe new life into them using various artistic processes. Through collage, painting, drawing, and writing, I reminisce on the past, understand the present, and pave a path into the future.”


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