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Jim Sargent takes the road less traveled.

His lifelong travels have taken him around the world, from Guatemala and Peru to Thailand and Cambodia and much more. But his road less traveled mantra also extends to his recent decision to open his Indigo Attires & Artesania shop at 73 Throckmorton, in the space formerly occupied by Julie Tuton Boutique.

While many entrepreneurs map out a blueprint for a type of business, and thus set about executing on that concept, Sargent simply had a fortunate revelation.

“I realized that, over these more than 40 years of traveling, I’d collected all of these things with some intention of the universe having me open this shop,” Sargent says.

“These things” spans textiles and artesania from around the globe, from silk scarves from Cambodia to beautiful new fabrics from Guatemala, both cotton and silk and nearly all handwoven. 

It also features hand-carved vases from Thailand, beaded necklaces from Guatemala, hundreds of reasonably priced scarves and shawls as well as bags, silver bracelets, hats and belts, bells and fabric.

Sargent launched his business online to start, and then discovered the vacant space at 73 Throckmorton. “Whenever possible, I buy direct from the artisans and currently support a woman’s co-op in Antigua,” he says. “I just recently funded a nursery which will plant 10,000 trees this next year.”


“There are items in the store over a thousand years old,” he adds. “Come in for a chat and I’ll show you around. It won’t take long, the space is small.”



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