Dispatch Goods

Between the seemingly ever-expanding fire season and this year’s drought, on the heels of 2020 the second driest year in almost a century in 2020, Marin has been on high alert for months.

A pair of local agencies are teaming up with the Outdoor Art Club for a presentation on both of those issues and, most importantly, what they are doing to combat our new realities and what residents can do to protect themselves and be proactive.

The free event, set for Wednesday, Sept. 15 at 1pm via Zoom, features Southern Marin Fire District Division Chief/Fire Marshal Fred Hilliard speaking about critical alerts and warnings, what we can do to reduce risk in our homes and neighborhoods, and what is being done to reduce risk in refuge areas. Marin Water District Efficiency Manager Carrie Pollard will update the community on the drought, the Water District’s recent resolution declaring new water conservation actions, and what you can do to conserve water.