No need to mince words here: With the month-long Stay-at-Home Order taking effect this week, many of Mill Valley’s most critically important business sectors – restaurants and food-serving businesses, personal service providers like hair and nail salons and fitness facilities, all of whom will be operating at a tiny fraction of their usual business model for the next several weeks.

These sectors are the kinds of business that serve as multipliers – that is, they create a ripple effect for surrounding businesses – as restaurant patrons stroll and shop, friends get their nails done or do a spin class and grab a coffee or a drink afterward. While retailers remain open at a reduced density, most of the other behavior described is happening right now.

The good news is that, in addition to being incredibly resilient through this crisis, the Mill Valley business community has also innovated, building out their ecommerce infrastructure and food takeout/delivery systems, making it easier than ever to support them without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Remember: It won’t do any good to just be sad that your favorite business closed after Christmas. Many are just hanging on by a thread. Let’s make sure we all come out the other side of this shutdown healthy and with an intact business community!!

​Here’s some fuel for your #ShopMV, #EatMV & Holiday Shopping (click the images below):