Shiny Shed Collective

At top left and bottom right, Allie Allen and Sasha White, surrounded by some of their work.

Allie Allen and Sasha White have been best friends since birth. They grew up a block apart in Mill Valley, stayed extremely close through the ebbs and flows of childhood, high school, college and beyond.

“We grew up together on the California coast, in love with the mountains, cozy fog, Pacific Ocean and the tall redwood trees that were the backdrop of our childhood,” Allen says. 

After college, Allen’s career propelled her toward public relations and marketing at Sunshine Sachs, where she served as an account director until 2020. White produced commercials for Venables, Bell & Partners and BBDO Worldwide.

With a passion for design, White, during the pandemic, quit her job and moved to Italy to attend Accademia Italiana – Arte Moda & Design in Rome and lived and studied there for a year. “I encouraged Sasha to do her own thing because she is so passionate about it,” Allen says. 

In 2020, the longtime friends began laying the groundwork to combine their expertise into something brand new that sought to leverage their respective skills. They envisioned a partnership that complemented their friendship. As they collectively saw it, Allen could wield her PR, marketing and client communication skills to run the business side of a home design business. “And Sasha would do all things design.”

At the end of 2021, the duo quietly laid the foundation for Shiny Shed Collective, their nascent home design firm, eyeing a soft launch for January 2022. 

They’ve been thrilled with the response, as Allen and White have provided their clients with a few service options, all of which come with the option of additional referrals to trusted contractors.

A Shiny Consultation, which is a shorter commitment and consists of a 1-hour virtual or in person meeting with White designer, advising on paint colors, floor plans, furnishings and where to find what you need. Think of this as a good fit for a refresh or one craving a second opinion.

Shiny Boards provide a full room design after a 1-hour call with White to create a personalized mood board for a space. 

The third option is Shiny Decor, designed for clients that already have a finished home or aren’t looking to do any renovations but seek interior decorating services. Finally, there is Shiny Design, for which they take on renovations like a bathroom, kitchen, or full remodel.

“Our designs are inspired by both our California lifestyle and our many experiences traveling & living abroad,” Allen says. “We believe a beautifully curated space can also be functional and comfortable to live in, and we love to mix antiques and vintage finds with custom pieces creating a unique feel that’s personal to each client.”

“One of the reasons we created different levels of service is that the processing of designing or redesigning your home can seem unattainable to a lot of people,” White says. “Interior design can feel elite. How do I make my house feel like a home without spending my whole life savings? It shouldn’t be like that.”

White and Allen, both millennials, are thrilled to be able to support their demographic brethren who “want to make the place look nice but don’t have a ton of money,” White says. “They can handle the purchasing and inspiration on their own timeline, and there are more affordable, quality brands from places like Target than ever before. That can make a big difference.”

“We provide services for all budgets,” Allen says. “No corner of your home is too small for a Shiny moment.”

Side note: while attending the University of Connecticut, Allen met Denzel Allen, her husband and the owner of Strength Den, which operated out of Pilates ProWorks before opening his own space at 467 Miller, adjacent to Seth Labott’s Cafe of Life and one door down from Tamalpie Pizzeria.


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