Here’s the latest in our series of photos from around town that asks you to guess the exact location. The first three correct answers submitted in our Comments section below get a prize: tickets to select film screenings at the 37th Mill Valley Film Festival!
Here are the films that are part of the contest:

Timbuktu – Oct. 6, 3pm, CineArts@Sequoia, Mill Valley
Uncertain Terms – Oct. 6, 12:15pm, CineArts@Sequoia, Mill Valley
316 – Oct. 7, 5pm, CineArts@Sequoia, Mill Valley
Wedding Contract – Oct. 9, 5pm, CineArts@Sequoia, Mill Valley
Young Kieslowski – Oct. 10, 12pm, CineArts@Sequoia, Mill Valley
NUOC 2030 – Oct. 10, 9pm, CineArts@Sequoia, Mill Valley

Let us know in the Comments section below the exact location where this photo was taken, and we’ll get you a pair of tickets to one of the films above!