With the 18-month Miller Avenue Streetscape Project largely in the rearview mirror, we have a beautiful, safer, multi-modal, less flood-prone road to show for it.

Now it’s time to look ahead at making Miller Avenue an even more vibrant place to eat, drink, shop, do business and gather, and we want to hear from you. The 500 Miller Ave. project is in the early stages of construction, with its proposed 4,948-square-foot commercial building that includes approximately 2,000 square feet of retail and 3,000 square feet of office space. There’s also the 16-unit residential development at 542-548 Miller, which will bring considerably more activity to that stretch of the commercial street.

With an eye towards making Miller Ave. an even better commercial district for local residents – and in the interest of reducing the cross-town traffic we all sit in each day – what types of new businesses would you like to see open on Miller in the coming months and years? What would complement the already amazing group of shops, restaurants and businesses on Miller, and help you run errands along Miller without jumping in your car to go across – or out of – town?