Artist Marlene Sinicki and her works “Prelude” and “Life Drawing.” Courtesy images.

Artists seeking to synthesize their work around a specific theme often do so implicitly or explicitly.

In her “The Sustainability of Beauty” exhibit at the Throckmorton Theatre from March 7-April 2, San Francisco artist Marlene Sinicki is doing both, turning the principles of sustainability and life-affirming stories about green living into drawings, paintings and digital illustrations AND “green framing” that artwork in sustainably grown American walnut wood by the Artisans of San Francisco.

“The art is centered on the ideals of sustainability as a force that has the potential to challenge the course of environmental crises,” Sinicki says. “Just like the scent of the earth after a rain awakens our senses and our innate connection to nature, I want to inspire a desire in people to adopt a socially responsible, generative and positive future.”

The “Sustainability of Beauty” series contains both abstract and representational imagery arranged as a journey, from the molecule to the home, with Sinicki using vibrant colors and sensual organic forms using ink, watercolors and pastels. Inspired by the words of Emily Dickenson, Sinicki seeks ‘that phosphorescence, that light within’ in her art.

“I often simplify the complexity of the natural world in order to inspire empathy as well as deepen my understanding of underlying patterns and systems,” Sinicki says. “My work is a celebration of the aesthetic that is found in the chaos of nature. In a culture that prizes technology and data, I create visual haikus that make sensual connections with ecology.”

Sinicki has had a diverse career in the arts, including more than 12 years as an art director, storyteller and designer, as well as stints as a documentary and a portrait, editorial, fashion and fine art photographer. Her artwork has garnered her exhibits in San Francisco, Berlin, Munich and Mexico City.

Deeply interested in environmental concerns and climate change, Sinicki creates art that illuminates the wisdom of nature as well as global sustainability opportunities and challenges. She believes that creative expression provides a lens and an opportunity to connect more deeply with complex ideas, to “make the invisible visible” in order to create layers of meaning.

The 411: Marlene Sinicki‘s “The Sustainability of Beauty” exhibit at the Throckmorton Theatre runs from March 7-April 2. The March 7th opening reception if from 5-7pm, with a second reception set for Saturday, March 25, from 3-5pm. 142 Throckmorton Avenue. Free. The Throckmorton gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday, 2-6pm. Additional viewing hours during shows or by appointment.

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