PictureMailman Marcus.

For the first several months of the school year, Sycamore Park resident Amy Torrano, a first grade teacher at Saint Vincent de Paul School in San Francisco’s Marina district, was bringing in “mystery readers” to her class – mostly her students’ parents.

When schools closed and the shelter in place order went into effect, Torrano needed to find a new way to have readings done by someone other than herself. “I needed to get creative,” she says.

“In walks Marcus, my mailman,” she says. “Not only did Sycamore Park’s very own Mailman Marcus say yes like a promposal, but he rocked his reading of Bruce Lemerise’s ‘Sheldon’s Lunch’ from 1980 in my front yard and nailed it.”

“It’s so important to pass on the good we have right here in Mill Valley.”

Here’s the reading: