Tysa Wright, at top left, with her mom Rise on the first day of the new TYSA MV shop at 74 Throckmorton Avenue in downtown Mill Valley.

It’s safe to say that Tysa Wright doesn’t lack sources of inspiration.

The owner of the latest arrival among the creativity-laden retail shops in downtown Mill Valley has a teeming font of creativity to draw upon for her eponymous boutique at 74 Throckmorton, which is having its soft opening today. 

“One of my main style inspirations is Anita Pallenberg,” Wright says. “I draw so much inspiration from music. I love everyone from Chrissy Hynde to Patti Smith to Billie Holiday to the Rolling Stones to Pharrell and John Lennon.” 

Wright, whose flagship is in Nevada City, doesn’t just lean those musical muses – she’s also been immersed among creative energy for her entire life. Wright is the niece of Walter Becker, the late co-founding guitarist, bassist, songwriter and producer of the legendary Steely Dan. As a result, music and travel are foundational pieces of Wright’s inspiration, she says.

“I have been surrounded by the 24-hour lifestyle of the creatives in my family,” says Wright, who has deep family roots in the 94941 and makes all of her clothing in California. “My clothing line spawned from hearing my aunt, my mom and everyone else on tour talk about how they wished there was a designer who you could wear to the beach during the day and add to it to dress it up at night – versatile clothing.”

Wright’s travels have imbued her with love for color palettes. “Amazonian greens, the orange of an Indian sunset, the red of the East African soil, and a Caribbean turquoise all mix flawlessly with more urban shades of black, brown and khaki,” she says.

But while Wright’s clothing designs have been drawing rave reviews for nearly two decades, her new TYSA shop in town will span more broadly than clothing, with products that largely draw on her travels, from hand-pounded lanterns from Morocco to olive oils and spices from around the world. 

“I’m over the moon excited to bring this eclectic mix of clothing, gifts and products to the community,” Wright says.

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