Community gathering spot is hosting a pop-up shop Thursday for Epic Sky, the online fashion store for tweens founded by Mill Valley moms Marian Kwon and Monika Rose.

Juice Girl co-owner Karen Olson outside the shop at 45 Camino Alto.


The sandwich board at Juice Girl at 45 Camino Alto.


In May 2014, Melora Johnson took the leap of a lifetime, moving her little Juice Girl pop-up shop in the Yolo Yogurt Lounge into the space vacated by juice giant Jamba Juice. In doing so, Johnson and partner Karen Olson knew they had to grow in every way to make it work in their own space, particularly by adding an array of healthy food options.

Two-plus years later, Juice Girl is far more than a local food spot – it’s “a community gathering spot for kids and parents to enjoy healthy food together – it feels like sort of a Cheers – but a healthy Cheers,” Olson says with a laugh. “That was our vision, and we’re seeing it through. We’ve grown considerably.”

The biggest driver in making Juice Girl a hub of activity is obvious: kiddos. Their lunch volume from Tam High students has increased dramatically since they opened, and the business is a gathering spot for both Tam and Mill Valley Middle School students after school. Juice Girl is also doing its part to lessen school-related traffic congestion, as some Middle School parents are having their kids walk to Juice Girl to be picked up, thus easing the traffic jams along Camino Alto at the end of the school day.

“We’ve all got to do our part,” jokes Olson, who manages the day-to-day operations of Juice Girl while Johnson focuses on the business and marketing side of things.

Now the partners are ready to expand upon their vision and make Juice Girl a platform for other emerging local businesses. On Thursday, Oct. 13, they’re hosting a Pop-Up Shop for Epic Sky, the online fashion store founded by Mill Valley moms Marian Kwon and Monika Rose and featuring clothing, jewelry and accessories designed by teens for tween girls. The event features Epic Sky clothing, a live DJ, raffle prizes and giveaways and Juice Girl snacks. Olson knows the founders as their daughters are the same age.

“I just think that what they’re doing is so cool,” she says. “There’s no appropriate clothing for tweens 10-13, and Epic Sky is doing something about it. And they’re promoting healthy everything for girls in that age range.


​The pop-up event gets at the core of Juice Girl’s desire to pay it forward.

“When we started Juice Girl, the community and friends were so supportive of us in helping us out in so many ways get the business off the ground,” Olson says. “There are so many really talented, smart women in Mill Valley, and they supported us. Now we want to do the same for other local women and help them with their businesses.”

She’s not stopping at Epic Sky. Juice Girl is laden with products, books and art with Mill Valley ties, from Jackie Broad’s “Eat Your Breakfast or Else!” and Karen Benke’s “Write Back Soon!” to the photography of Rebecca Hutchins, whose Shutterbuggs Workshop is a photo club for kids.

“I just really want to help promote all the amazing women in Mill Valley,” Olson says. “We live a very unique town with an amazing amount of creative people. I’d like to use our venue to help showcase them and help people with their businesses.”

The 411: With an expanded menu and a variety of seasonal options and daily specials, Juice Girl is located at 45 Camino Alto, Suite 104. It’s open Mon.-Sat. 7am-6pm, Sat.-Sun. 8am-5pm. 415.322.6160. MORE INFO.   

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