Jesse Roselin & the Pacific Preparatory/Tutor Corps Staff.

Mill Valley resident Jesse Roselin, owner of three related organizations (Tutor Corps, the Tutor Corps Foundation, and Pacific Preparatory), continues to expand access to services for students across Mill Valley. Tutor Corps and the Tutor Corps Foundation offer one-on-one tutoring while Pacific Preparatory, a one-on-one K-12 private school, offers courses for credit with flexible scheduling and customized curriculum. They have a roster of more than 200 of the best instructors across the country and are devoted to fostering mentorship relationships that build students’ academic confidence. 

Over the last several years, Roselin has worked to expand the impact of his organizations by offering additional scholarships via the foundation and by expanding school district partnerships across the San Francisco Bay Area. “There are so many students with learning differences that really just need individualized support in one particular class,” Roselin says. “I am really advocating for public-private partnerships where students can attend our amazing local high schools and get the support they need to learn effectively. We currently partner with the Tam High Foundation and Kiddo.”

These partnerships take many different shapes. In some cases, schools partner with Tutor Corps to provide tutoring to students who need targeted support to get back up to speed, whether because they have a diagnosed learning difference or because they’ve been out of school for health reasons. Recently, they’ve been offering Executive Functioning support across grade levels. In other cases, schools partner with Pacific Preparatory to facilitate their students’ enrollment in single courses. Many students opt to take single courses with Pacific Preparatory because they are struggling in the full classroom environment or because they want to differentiate their transcript with additional honors or AP courses. In some cases, students accelerate their pathways to graduation by taking summer courses. In other cases, students seek credit recovery over the summer after doing poorly in a class. Pacific Preparatory has worked with schools across the area and has most recently partnered with Redwood High School and Tam High to support several students. Through their model, they can design a customized one-on-one course for students’ specific learning style, while covering all necessary content. One-on-one instruction is one of the most effective ways to learn and Roselin is glad to bring these services to more students across Mill Valley and throughout the Bay Area. 

Dr. Staci Stutsman, who facilitates Tutor Corps and Pacific Preparatory partnerships, celebrates the work being done in this arena: “It’s so impactful to see the ways the one-on-one model can help students achieve their academic goals. When working with our instructors one-on-one, we truly get to see students become excited about learning and eager to grow academically. In so many cases, they regain their academic confidence and can bring that confidence to other areas of their lives.” You can learn more about the ways they’ve partnered with schools in the area here and here.

Parents throughout the area have been pleased with the work being done by Roselin’s organizations. A parent recently noted: “My son has been a student of Pacific Preparatory since January 2022. He has been taking single courses on a consistent basis since that date. The entire team at Pac Prep has been absolutely instrumental in making sure he has been on track (and in reality ahead) in each of the different courses that we have been enrolled in. The one-on-one instruction is unparalleled, and not only has he been able to meet his academic goals, but because of this unique teaching style, his confidence, ownership, and self advocating skills have advanced tremendously. I could seriously go on all day about how thankful I am that we were able to find PacPrep, but the fact that we will be working with them for a long time in the future, hopefully gives anyone looking at this school a good idea of how amazing they are!” You can see more reviews from parents at

Parents across the area are encouraged to connect personally with Roselin to explore one-on-one programming options for their students. Roselin also invites Title 1 schools to nominate students for their academic tutoring scholarship through the Tutor Corps Foundation.


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