Tutor Corps founder Jesse Roselin, at center, with members of his team. Courtesy image.
When Jesse Roselin moved from San Francisco to Mill Valley with his family four years ago, he did so knowing that the could operate his business – Tutor Corps, which provides tutoring in all K-12 subjects, including an array of test prep – from just about anywhere.

Roselin’s tutors work day-to-day out of their own homes and visit students in their own homes for tutoring sessions, an easier setup for many parents than driving kids to a location. He also knew that while the 17-year-old Tutor Corps had already been providing tutoring services in Mill Valley for 10 years, becoming enmeshed in the 94941 community would strengthen those local relationships. Tutor Corps’s 20 teachers in southern Marin now tutor more than 25 students in Mill Valley.

One of the outgrowths of those deeper roots has been the ability to leverage the Tutor Corps Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, to support student scholarships, community service grants and awards for teachers. In recent months, the foundation has issued grants to support a “Humanity is Kindness” program run by four 6th grade girls at Mill Valley Middle School. The student’s goal was to help as many of the homeless population in Marin as possible by operating clothing drives and food drives and, in turn, learning about social justice and how to effectively fundraise. 

Tutor Corps funded an 11th grade Tam High student’s The LEAP Dance Program, which supports the Marin Performing Stars after school program in Marin City, Sausalito and San Rafael, allowing girls to create a performance that allowed their families “to see their children in a new light.” The foundation also supported a Tam High eleventh grader’s Music Together project, which promoted “inclusion, connection and acceptance between the special education students and greater student body through the camaraderie of making music.”

“We are very focused on supporting the local education community,” Roselin says. “We are Kiddo Business Partners, Schools Rule Silver Sponsors, and support the Tam High Foundation as well.”

In addition to community service grants, Tutor Corps also regularly awards Teacher of the Year Awards as well as tutoring scholarships, providing one-on-one tutoring for the academic year, with one scholarship recently going to an eighth grader at Mill Valley Middle School. The Scholarship funds one-on-one tutoring for the academic year. 

The 411: Tutor Corps provides tutoring in all K-12 subjects, including an array of test prep. MORE INFO.