2014 recipients of The Redwoods’ Celebration of Service Awards. Front Row (L to R): Anne Marie Padilla, Jennifer Berry, Natalie Frederick, Serafina Carlucci, Lauren Killingsworth, Amelia Sharpe, Lily Rose Fruchter, Jessie Fisher, Trisha Garlock, Olivia Shine. Back Row (L to R): Gwen Perin, Teresa Shern, Jason Lane, Cari Pompanin, David Kollerer, Nate Severin Not pictured: Donna Cameron and Kathy Magnuson. Photo by Winifred MacLeod.

The Redwoods’ 22nd annual Celebration of Service Awards were held April 25, with 18 Mill Valley youth, teachers, volunteers and a police officer among the honorees. Awardees for the invite-only event are nominated by The Redwoods, the schools and the Public Safety Department of the City of Mill Valley. Click here for more info.