2024 Milley Award honorees, clockwise from top left, Desiree Goyette & Ed Bogas, Larry Jordan, Jackie La Lanne, Vicki Larson, Paola Gianturco and Michael Vogel. Photos by Daniel Patrick.

The Milley Awards Executive Committee and the City of Mill Valley proudly announce the honorees for this year’s Creative Achievement Awards (The Milleys). Seven accomplished Mill Valley residents will be honored at an elegant program and buffet supper from 5 to 9 p.m. Sunday, October 27 at the Mill Valley Community Center. The six will receive bronze statuettes designed by the late sculptor John Libberton.

Mill Valley is the only city in Marin County that officially recognizes the talents and achievements of people in the arts.

This year’s emcee will be Erma Murphy, Executive Director of O’Hanlon Center for the Arts and a treasured community asset who, with her partner Daniel Patrick, was honored in 2014 with a Milley Award for Contributions to the Arts Community

The Honorees:

Musical Arts: Ed Bogas and Desirée Goyette Bogas

Ed and Desirée are a magical musical team. They have composed music for countless television series, including TV specials of “Peanuts” and “Garfield” (for which they received two Grammy nominations) and feature films. An accomplished violinist and keyboardist, Ed composes, arranges, and sings, while Desirée is a singer, vocal teacher, musical director and actress. Their talents and generosity enrich our community in warm and nurturing ways. 

Literary Arts: Paola Gianturco

Paola is an internationally known photojournalist whose seven books, combining compelling photographs and text, lift up lives challenged by poverty, hardship and the dire environmental threat of climate change. Her prose is masterful and impactful, and she is an outstanding teacher and generous mentor. Paola has lived in Mill Valley for 37 years while traveling around the world to document women’s stories.

Performance Arts/Film: Larry Jordan 

Larry is an award-winning film, video and television director. Educated in Mill Valley schools and nurtured by the community’s surrounding natural beauty, he lends a wealth of talents to the world. After garnering attention in New York as a cutting edge, innovative music video editor in the early days of MTV, he returned to Mill Valley with his wife Simone to raise their children. A Primetime Emmy awardee and three-time nominee, he has directed top documentary and concert films for Sting, Mariah Carey, Tony Bennett, Boz Skaggs, The Who, Sir Elton John and many other musical icons.

 Visual Arts: Jackie La Lanne

Generations of Mill Valley children have experienced the joy of creating art with Jackie, who taught in public schools here for 32 years and coordinated the school district’s K-8th grade visual arts program from 2000 to 2021. Following retirement, she has continued to substitute-teach art classes while serving as board member and president of O’Hanlon Center for the Arts. A talented photographer and innovative workshop facilitator, Jackie doesn’t instruct; she inspires, providing the freedom and encouragement to explore.

Contributions to the Arts Community: Michael C. Vogel 

Michael, an arts producer and volunteer with many arts organizations, has served the community behind the scenes with skill and enthusiasm. For decades he has been the go-to guy when something is needed, from a WW II plane to fly over a production of “South Pacific” on the mountain to obtaining wine donations for a non-profit event. Modest, hardworking and enthusiastic, he gives generously of his time, and expertise. Among those who benefit from his knowledge and largesse are the Mill Valley Arts Commission, Mill Valley Film Festival, Mountain Play Association, 142 Throckmorton Theatre’s Comedy Night, and The Milley Awards. 

Sali Lieberman Award: Vicki Larson

Tens of thousands of Marin County readers see Vicki as an unofficial professor of sociology. The smart and witty former Lifestyle editor and columnist at the Marin Independent Journal has focused attention on important issues of our time—poverty, race, gender inequality, housing, climate change and ageism. Her three nonfiction books cast light on shifting societal mores. Vicki is a keen, strong and affirming voice for our time. 

Volunteers under the auspices of the Mill Valley Arts Commission produce the Milley Awards, a partner of the City of Mill Valley. Executive Committee members are Mary Dilts, Audrey Donaldson, Roy Forest, Larry “The Hat” Lautzker, Rosemary Ishii MacConnell, Regina O’Connell, Daniel Patrick, Queenie Taylor, Bruce Tremayne and Abby Wasserman.

Tickets for the 2024 Milley Awards cost $100, which includes a reception with hors d’oeuvres donated by Paseo Bistro; an elegant buffet dinner by Debbie Ghiringhelli Catering; wines from California wineries; and the awards presentation program. Tickets go on sale in early September. Details will be available on the Milleys web site, www.milleyawards.org.

And ICYMI, here’s a rundown of the 2023 awardees:

In the category of Performance, Mill Valley resident Tiffany Shlain is a filmmaker, public speaker, writer, and founder of The Webby Awards, established in 1996, a global organization that recognizes the best of the Internet. She is also the co-founder of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Her films have been honored with over 80 awards and distinctions, including an Emmy nomination and a Disruptive Innovation Award from The Tribeca Film Festival.

In the category of Literary Arts, Dr. Thomas Singer is a prolific writer and editor, physician and psychiatrist. His special area of interest is the psychology of Carl Jung. He has published many articles and essays as well as 12 books, including Psyche and the City and Who’s the Patient Here? A major part of Dr. Singer’s contribution has been through his analysis of visual arts, images and their explanation of the forces at work in individuals and groups.

In the category of Visual Arts, Ute Goggins, in the 56 years that she has lived in Mill Valley, has contributed in countless ways to our community’s rich culture. As a working water colorist, printmaker and inspiring art teacher at Old Mill, Mill Valley Middle, and San Domenico schools, she has encouraged countless children and youths to express themselves creatively and grow up appreciating and supporting the arts.

In the category of Musical Arts, electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani created a huge impact on the music, film and advertising industry over 40 years ago. Today, she continues to create mesmerizing soundscapes using a Buchla synthesizer. A five-time Grammy Award-nominated composer and neo-classical pianist, with 16 solo albums of original music to her credit, Suzanne created the Coca-Cola pop! sound, and was the first female solo composer of a major Hollywood film (“The Incredible Shrinking Lady”).

In the category of Creative Contributions to the Community Tim Ryan‘s projects using scrap, recyclables and found materials involve countless members of the community whom he invites to participate with him. In Homestead Valley, his “Fork in the Road,” a giant metal fork, invited folks to consider the forks in their own life roads. During the pandemic, his “Hearts” and “Wings” projects made it possible for people to work simultaneously on a project without being physically together, bringing joy and light in difficult times.


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