The California Honeydrops, a blues and R&B band that formed in November 2007 playing in BART stations of Oakland, are set to celebrate the release of their Just One More, And Then Some EP on June 26 with a virtual performance at Sweetwater Music Hall, to be live streamed for free online.

The one-night performance begins at 7pm PT. The band will also be selling exclusive merch to mark the arrival of their first album since last year’s Honeydrops Live 2019.

“We wanted the EP to be super raw and to reflect how we play live, so there’s little to no dubbing on the tracks—what you hear is what you get,” Singer/multi-instrumentalist Lech Wierzynski said of the forthcoming album with its original announcement earlier this year. “They’re fun, upbeat songs. Kind of let your hair down, celebrate joy and making music together. That’s why people come to our shows, so we tried to capture that feeling during a time when we can’t gather, a time when people may be looking for a little love and connection. As always, more than anything that’s what we’re trying to put out there.”

The live stream of the California Honeydrops’ performance at the Sweetwater Music Hall on June 26 is free. RSVP “tickets” can be accessed here.