‘Eyes Up, Marin’ campaign, part of the Transportation Authority of Marin’s Street Smarts traffic safety program.

Whether it’s on four wheels, two wheels, self-propelled or with an assist or even on a pogo stick, Mill Valley and Marin County residents are always on the move.

Here at Enjoy Mill Valley, we’re all about encouraging you to get out into your community and eating, drinking, shopping, dancing, inspiring and basking in the joy of living in a vibrant community.

But it’s critically important that you do all that safely.

To that end, on October 17th, the Transportation Authority of Marin is debuting a multi-faceted messaging campaign to encourage everyone on the go to be extra mindful of those around you, however they’re getting around. The campaign is part of Street Smarts, a traffic safety program that educates drivers, pedestrians and cyclists about safety issues, including distracted driving.

The goal is to encourage people to adopt new attitudes and behaviors that will reduce the number of traffic-related accidents and make our streets safer for everyone. The Eyes Up Campaign focuses on specific behaviors that have demonstrated to be the most impactful. Banners will be going up on October 17 and will remain until the end of November. 

You’ll see some of this messaging from us in the coming weeks, and you can also see the ads on the TAM Facebook page and the Safe Routes Facebook page.

Stay safe out there!

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