Pacific Preparatory School, founded by Mill Valley resident Jesse Roselin, provides accredited, UC-approved courses to complement students’ public high school experience. Students in the Tamalpais Union High School District can discover the power of individualized learning at PacPrep, where the flexible curriculum and tailored scheduling cater to students with diverse learning needs, ensuring they receive the attention and resources necessary to excel academically.
PacPrep offers a wide range of regular, honors, and AP courses, as well as customized special topics courses. These unique offerings help students stand out during the college application process.

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Students at Tamalpais Union High School District can import up to 20 high school credits from an online provider or school other than Tam High School, which makes it easy for students to enroll in individualized courses at Pacific Preparatory and transfer their credits, even if they still attend Tamalpais High School for the majority of their classes. To do so, parents simply need to submit an “Alternative Credits Request” form. For a more in-depth look at Pacific Preparatory School, watch their 30-minute open house video.

“Pacific Preparatory stands out as the most exceptional school we’ve ever come across,” says Tessa McMillan, a parent whose daughter attended Pacific Preparatory. “The caliber of teachers they provided allowed my daughter to excel. Each teacher was deeply knowledgeable, passionate, and devoted to teaching. The team was incredibly responsive and a very bright light in our life.”

Roselin, Head of School, envisions a future of education where students can mix and match educational options, maximizing the benefits of both public and private schools. “Students benefit from attending school in their local community, with access to extensive resources and social opportunities. Simultaneously, they can take 1:1 courses for subjects where they need additional support. We see a future where public and private educational options work hand-in-hand.”

While private 1:1 courses come with a price tag, the courses are a la carte so families do not have to pay full tuition at a private school which costs upwards of $40,000 per year. Pacific Preparatory also provides flexible payment options and under-resourced students can apply for free tutoring through its sister organization, The Tutor Corps Foundation

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your child’s education today. Enroll in Pacific Preparatory School courses today and discover the difference individualized learning can make.