Mill Valley resident’s Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn’s eight-year-old Stick & Ball equestrian, country polo-inspired brand, which opened its first retail shop at 186 East Blithedale Ave. in 2016, has lined up another unique partnership with a like-minded brand.

Stick & Ball is hosting a pair of events on Dec. 6 and 7 that highlight the custom holiday gift boxes of b.stow, which was founded by Allia Kelley in San Francisco in 2016 around a “modern, responsible approach to gifting.”

“Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed the act of giving a gift, especially when it was for no specific reason at all,” Kelley says. “To be able to give someone something simply because it reminded me of them or I knew they would love it or I had remembered they had mentioned needing something similar awhile ago, no matter how big or small, and when they least expected it, to see their face light up when opening and know that you were thinking of them, organically, not contrived, is the greatest feeling and showed them how much I cared in a way that I otherwise was unable to communicate.”

The 411: Stick & Ball hosts a pair of events on Dec. 6 (12-6pm) and Dec. 7 (12-5pm) that highlight the custom holiday gift boxes of b.stow and feature a complimentary chocolate tasting, wine and gift raffle. 186 East Blithedale Ave. MORE INFO.

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