Stephanie Holdenried has a multi-dimensional business that leverages her background as a certified nutrition consultant and equine interactive educator.

Earlier this year, Holdenried added another dimension, launching GUTS, Girls Utilizing Their Skills, an all-girls workshop series with the mission of “empowering girls to be leaders in their families, the communities, and their world with the help of horses.” After a successful debut, Holdenried is kicking off the fall GUTS series on Sept. 13 for girls 1-13 years old. 

GUTS builds on Holdenried’s work using horses to help her clients better understand themselves while staying present in the moment. “A horse can tell if you are showing up as your true self or not,” Holdenreid explains. “Horses long for connection and they’re judgment-free animals. My work is about discovering if the client is ready for a connection.”

Holdenreid has seen her work cultivate leadership and insists, “The best leaders are ones who truly know themselves.”

The 411: GUTS (Girls Utilizing Their Skills) Equine Leadership group for girls 10-13 years old starts September 13. Holdenried has special pricing available through August 25. More on Stephanie Holdenried’s business here.