Sofia Jewelry

On Sept. 20th, 11am-5pm, Sofia Jewelry a very special Trunk Show featuring the world-renowned designs of Alex Sepkus.

Sofia Jewelry, long one of Mill Valley’s classiest jewelry shops, continues to innovate and collaborate.
The shop, which is nearing its 30th anniversary in 2024, is hosting a very special Trunk Show featuring the world-renowned designs of Alex Sepkus.
“His collection of timeless, everyday pieces are perfectly paired with one-of-a-kind, handpicked gemstones that cannot be missed,” says Sophie Priolo, the shop’s co-owner.
The event is set for September 20th, 11am-5pm at Sofia Jewelry, located at 80 Throckmorton Ave. downtown.
Sofia Jewelry has long been willing to create excitement in town, as when they, in 2014, invited actress Lesley Nicol, a longtime friend of the late shop owner Susan Priolo and best known as Mrs. Patmore from the hit show Downton Abbey, to spend the day at the store.

Over the span of their many years, the Priolo’s have always kept it all in the family.  The store’s successes started with Carl and Susan Priolo and continues with their  children, Lucas and Sophie. The next generation soon combined their skills to  create what has become a go-to of in-the-know jewelry aficionados the world over. 

Carl met his wife, Susan, in an artists’ space in the Haight-Ashbury during one of  the numerous creative peaks points that sweep through our enchanted part of the  world. Susan came to SF from her native London for the sunshine and the artistic freedom that defines the Bay Area. Susan introduced Carl to the lure of the performing arts and that would become a theme through out their lives together.

Sophie and brother Lucas grew up in Fairfax where, everyone knows, there’s an  extra bit of fairy dust mixed into the fog that hovers over Marin County, just north  of the Golden Gate. It was there that Lucas and Sophie spent their childhood  immersed in classic ballet and dance, and both went on to their respected careers as  professional Ballet dancers before coming back home to Marin.

Sofia Jewelry has a reputation for especially fine handmade pieces, and a place  where you can sit with the jewelers to create exactly what you dream. It is also an  experience to satisfy your soul–an authentic gallery not a shelf to be filled with  machine stamped designs. To elevate a business from workshop to the world is not easy, especially at a time  when commerce can be overwhelming, and everyone shouts to get attention. But to  weave a harmonious vision of gorgeous and wearable jewels from different  generations, experiences and viewpoints is nothing short of alchemy. 

People who know the family (and there are thousands if you follow them on social  media) and know their art–and wear it everyday, all seem to say the same thing; it’s  not just a ring or a bracelet or a necklace–it’s a handmade piece of art, and I know  the family that made it. From the Sofia Collection, to various renowned artists,  you will be sure to find something unique for every occasion and every celebration.