Despite being a town of just shy of 14,000 people, Mill Valley is home to a plethora of distinct neighborhoods, each with its own topography, history and character. Residents of each can tick off a laundry list of their attributes, often drawing a contrast from those neighborhoods around them.

Pacific Union estate agent Katrina Kehl – whose job it is to match would-be Mill Valley residents with a neighborhood and a home that matches their desires – has created a visual look at nine of those neighborhoods, each with its own lengthy caption to spell out their respective traits, in the form of postcards.

Drawing inspiration from a ribald 2012 slideshow from the Bold Italic on San Francisco neighborhoods for people looking to move to the City by the Bay, Kehl reached out to her friend Tom LaMar about designing a 94941-specific series.

“I thought it was the funniest thing – it was a bit too snarky for my business but it was spot on,” Kehl says of the Bold Italic series. “I thought it might be fun and interesting to people in general to do one for Mill Valley.

“So this is my take on these neighborhoods,” adds Kehl, who has lived in Mill Valley here for 21 years and currently lives in the Northridge neighborhood across Camino Alto from Scott Valley. “Each of these neighborhoods has a personality just like San Francisco’s neighborhoods do.”

The illustrations and captions live on Kehl’s blog, which she uses to add some personality and slice-of-life flair. She’s thinking about turning them into a physical postcard series. Let her know in the Comments below if you’d be interested in them, or if you’d like to nominate a neighborhood she hasn’t covered in the first series.

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