Since June 2016, the owners, managers and employees of Miller Ave.-area businesses have displayed a number of attributes in spades: Patience. Creativity. Brilliance. Resilience. (Did we mention patience?).

The 18-month Miller Avenue Streetscape construction project promises a more vibrant, sustainable, community-oriented street that will be safer for everyone. In the meantime, the people that make the Miller Ave. community thrive have worked extremely hard to persist. The MillerUP campaign has asked the community in a variety of ways to support those businesses. To those of you who have done just that, thank you!

​Now we’re doing so again with #MillerUP, a month-long campaign in May in which we’re asking the community to eat, drink, shop and spend at Miller Avenue-area businesses, and to document you doing so on social media under the hashtag #MillerUP. Post pics of your efforts to support Miller Avenue businesses to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and at the end of the month, we’ll put every entry under #MillerUP into a raffle to win fantastic prizes from many of those Miller-area businesses.

Got it? Now get out there and raise #MillerUP!!

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