Over 18 years ago, Sarah made her first morning show appearance on Alice @97.3 and her success has remained ever since. In addition to co-hosting the wildly popular radio show, The Sarah & Vinnie Show, every weekday morning from 5:30-10am, she has now started a new creative adventure with SlappyStuff which she will be selling at the Holiday Craft Fair at the Mill Valley Community Center on December 6. Ronnie’s Awesome List blogger Ronnie Sharpe caught up with Sarah to talk about her life, being the Bay Area’s #1 radio DJ and a busy mom.

Ronnie Sharpe: Tell me about growing up on the east coast.

Sarah: I was born in Rhode Island then moved to Massachusetts. I’ve been horse crazy from the get-go and spent the first 12 years of my life trying to convince my parents that I had to have a horse. The area we lived in was more rural when I was young. In my freshman year in high school my parents got me a horse. I love it and that inspired me to go to horse college. I attended Johnson & Wales in Providence, Rhode Island and studied Equine Business Management…..and I also discovered partying. I was awesome at partying! During that year I met a rock-guy friend from high school and he invited me to a studio rehearsal space in Brockton Massachusetts. That one night in 1989 changed my life. I met, John, my husband of 20 years.

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